Project collaborators should be added as conversation collaborators automatically on Progresses

So, I find it that team members don’t get a notification when there is a comment on a colleague’s status update in the progress tab - even if they are collaborating on that project. It is because they are not automatically added as conversation collaborators. This seems counter-intuitive, and defeats the purpose of discussing progress. Of course you can set a standard of adding team members and project collaborators to the discussion manually - but I think it would be more intuitive that you manually remove them if they are not relevant.

Totally agree with you, I couldn’t count the number of times I was asked why someone hadn’t seen an answer. When you send an email with people in cc, they don’t disappear, thus I agree it’s completely counter intuitive.

With my team, we update the progress every week, and we created the first time the list of people with the @ symbol. In the summary part, we have at the end the text "Followers: @Julien_RENAUD, @Marie, @Andreas_Loftager, …), and every week we copy this list, which allows us to add everyone automatically.


Hey Julien. That’s a really good idea for a temporary fix. Thanks!

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@Marie can you or someone from the team share the logic behind not automatically including all project followers as collaborators?

We just upgraded to Business edition as we’re making a really concentrated push in 2021 to move all things into Asana, including weekly and monthly progress updates. Managers across departments not only need the initial update (achieved by adding them as a follower to the project), but should be part of any follow-up dialogue that may occur as it could pertain to them or their departments even if they aren’t directly ‘@’ mentioned. As it stands they’d never see the conversation that may develop after the initial update.

With how this is designed, you have to either remember to add everyone as a collaborator to the comment feed that appears once the project status is updated (and it’s not easy to see who received the initial update without clicking into the project and then seeing who is a follower), or whoever posts the first comment needs to consciously use the ‘@’ mention functionality to add people in the comment stream.

It seems like an oversight more than anything unless there is some sort of business-use logic that we’re missing?

I did try @Julien_RENAUD recommendation, which works, but unfortunately, the status update templates do not save any of the prior update texts, so you are again forced to remember to ‘@’ mention everyone you want to automatically include in the comment thread.

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@Ben_Brenner can you confirm these folks are all projects members and not guests on a bunch of tasks?

Also, can you make sure projects members all have their notifications enabled correctly at the project level?

If this is already the case and you keep running into issues, I would recommend reaching out to our support team with the following info so we can investigate this issue further.

  • Project URL
  • Email address of the user not receiving notifications for Conversations (now called Messages) and progress updates
  • Screenshot of the project notification settings for this user.

Hi @Marie they all receive the initial status update and it appears in their Asana inbox or email inbox (depending on their notification settings).

They read the update, archive it, move on.

I am saying that the issue is they don’t get notified (nothing pops up in their Asana inbox) if after my status update, another manager adds a comment unless that manager ‘@’ mentions everyone else or manually adds everyone else as collaborators. It’s like Asana removes all project members who received the update from the comment boards that attaches to the status update after it’s posted.


Just following up here as there still doesn’t seem to be an elegant (or automatic) way to add all project followers as collaborators.

Again, they get the initial status update just fine, they’re just out of the loop on any group conversation following the status update unless someone explicitly ‘@’ mentions them or manually adds them as a collaborator.

I’d love to 1) understand the rationale behind this (maybe we’re not following best practices around status updates), and 2) see an option to toggle on/off - either at a project level or when posting individual updates (switch to add all project members to the comment feed).

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