Portfolios: Conversations & Updates

Hey there,
I am loving the Portfolio capabilities, and am diving deep into how we can use them effectively at my company. I’d love to have the option for conversations and/or updates within the portfolios like we have in single projects. It would be a great help for my company’s executive level to be able to communicate about our departmental workloads that way.

Welcome to the Community Forum @Amber_Hosek and thank you for sharing this feedback!

You can currently see Timeline view in your Portfolio but we don’t offer a Conversation or Progress tab. At the moment you update your projects’ progress individually and you’ll see the results in your Portfolio,

I’ll make sure to keep this thread updated when we have any updates about this feature! Thanks again!

Thanks Emily! We are definitely making use of the updates for specific projects.

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Great @Amber_Hosek! We have also recently introduced some updates in the Status update section. If you haven’t seen yet, you can find more details in this announcement: Introducing the newly redesigned Status

I hope this helps!