Starting a New Business

I have two separate accounts for Asana. One is within my employer’s organization, and the other is a separate personal account that my wife and I use to stay organized.

I am starting a side hustle flipping cars with a couple friends, and we want to use Asana to stay organized. Should I start a new organization, or should I just add a workspace to my personal Asana account? The only reason I’m thinking about starting a new organization is if our side hustle grows into a successful business like we are aiming for, and some day we turn it over to a new owner, is there a way we could transfer the workspace to a new organization? How would you set up Asana if you were me thinking ahead 10 years from now?

Hi @Joshua_Dingman do you have a email domain for your “New Organisation”? if so I would probably go straight ahead and create a new organisation using that domain name. Just remember you will have to switch between organisation to keep across your different My Tasks views.

Another option would be to create a Team or Project in your personal account and then when you are ready you can move it across to you organisation, have a look at these articles;
Moving Projects Between Workspaces/Organizations




Thanks for your reply. Here is what I did. Please tell me if you see any issues that I may run into with the way I am handling this.

I created a new workspace in my personal account for our car business. I played around with it a little bit and found out you can add people to your workspace from outside your organization. Then if you remove your self from that workspace, they will still have the workspace in their own organization. That way, if someone ever “took over” they do not need to be part of my organization, but they can still keep all of the information, projects, tasks, etc… Does that make sense?

I think @Jason_Woods identified the key question. I generally (but not all the time) associate workspaces with personal accounts and organizations with businesses. I don’t know where you live but if you were a US business, probably would look into creating a single member LlC for liability protection and many additional flexibilities of an Asana organization. I do believe you would need a domain but this is very simple and can be used with google or exchange as a host.