Standardizing "My Tasks" views across organization

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Does anyone know if there’s a way to save a “My Tasks” template (not of tasks, but of the structure, i.e. sections, fields, rules, etc.) that others within an organization can subscribe to? The objective is to provide people with the option to use a tried-and-true organization standard instead of ideating their own.

In my practice, what we do - depends on the team - as different teams use different structures of “my tasks,” - we set up the structure at the very onboarding.

And regularly we do Asana user skills reviews and check how our employees work with my tasks, inbox & etc.


Thanks for the quick reply! To make sure I’m understanding correctly, when you say you set up the structure at onboarding, does that mean that you have a user guide (or similar) that walks them through how to customize their own “My Tasks” to the team’s spec and you distribute that via an onboarding project (or similar) that they are required to complete? Or do you, as an admin, go in and set up things on their behalf (if possible)?

Love the idea of regular reviews and will definitely be looking to implement that.

We have an in-house-made user guide, and based on it and a certain team we are making onboarding to - we elaborate some customized changes.

For instance - our UI designers don’t like to use Inbox for tasks’ activity - so we suggest they to use Asana + Slack integration for that. Or, for instance, some of our team do not use MY tasks as their work is concentrated only on 1 board and tasks are long runners and appear not so often. So they gladly explore in-board search and filtering options.

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Got it, that makes sense. I was hoping there might be a native in-platform way to save “My Tasks” customizations (e.g., a bundle) but I’m going to follow your suggestion to just create a custom user guide. Thanks for the assistance!

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I agree with what was said: My Tasks is very personal. The only way is to train people on why My Tasks is important.


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