Export "MyTask" settings to be used by other people

Hi all,
I’ve a “somehow” complex setup of the view “myTasks” that is divided in section with rules depending on fields and so on.
Some of my co-workers have seen it and would like to have it the same. Is there a way to export the view for them without requiring me to take control of their asana and set it up for all? (they are not tech people , not very good at setting up rules & co).
so is there a way to enforce or push the same view for all? or is there a way to create a view that all others can use?


I’m afraid there’s no way to push your My Tasks config to others.

I basically documented it all and many have used this:

If this happens to match your approach, feel free to share with your colleagues. If not, feel free to make your own document and maybe something here is helpful.