Sprint planning search by Backlog column across multiple projects

Hi, I’m new to Asana but moving forward with it with my new team. It does most of what I want to do for Agile scrum, but I’m trying to figure out how to get a view of tasks that’s efficient for sprint planning meetings.

I have several different projects that need attention in each sprint, and each project has its own backlog column on a task board. Combining everything thing into a single backlog project feels off to me, so I"m trying to keep projects or “features” self-contained.

I wonder if there’s a custom search where I could say, "Show me everything from every project in this portfolio that is in the “Backlog” column on a board.

Is that possible without me having to tag every backlog item so that I can search by tag?

Thank you.


For me there are two solutions:

  1. list every single project in the “projects” search field and select the right column
  2. don’t use columns but a custom field for the stage instead. But that will prevent you from being able to use the Board view…

Bonus solution: set up the same rule in each project to select the value of the custom field when card is moved to each column…

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Thank you! The first option gets the job done for now. But Ultimately, I’m going to set up rules to make this easier to do ad hoc. Appreciate the help!

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