Search based on Board Column


When searching “List” projects, you can select a specific project and section. However, when you search a specific “Board” project, you can’t specify a column.

I am using a board project to handle my Kanban workflow. I wanted to create a saved search for "all tasks in my Kanban project that are in the completed column.

Searching by board columns would be a nice improvement…


I would like to join @Ehren_Dimitry - this functionality would be extremely useful!


The same incoherence between list sections and board columns is what keeps the Progress view from excluding tasks from a specific section.

Sections in a list should be the same as columns in a board. And why not make it possible to switch between list and board view while we’re at it?


I heard from Asana, that the feature to switch a project between board and list views, was already under way.


I agree. being able to search based against a column in a board would up my team’s efficiency by 11.


Any update on this feature? It’s really a pain not being able to do this search


Me too! +1 for this function.


TBH I’d take a string based feature like JIRA has with JQL in a heartbeat - that may be easier to open up than a designed solution.

I use the saved search URLs (which are unique) to send ‘do these tasks next’ to my teams - and would do similar with this.

Most of the people who want this are power users anyway I’d suspect.




I logged in to the community just to ask for this exact feature. Nice to see I’m not alone!

I really need to be able to do a search for “All tasks in Project B which are in the Not Started column” so I can act on the results in a batch instead of one-at-a-time. For example, setting a due date or assignment to all the selected tasks from the search result would be so easy if I could treat columns on a board the same as sections on a list. (Which, I agree, should be completely analagous—the only real difference is visual.)

Is there any update on getting this implemented?

(Also +1 for an AQL … Asana Query Language)


This is exactly what I need! Any feedback from Asana would be great.


+1 here now I need to go flag each of the 100’s of tasks to complete what I was trying to acomplish.


Also have a need for this. Board columns effectively represent an additional “status” for a task.


+1 for this!
Need to move a bunch of tasks from a board column to a list and being able to search tasks by column would make things much easier.


+1 On this. My specific use case is that I have one project which is a board, and each column are other projects. The columns are then the backlog for the individual project. It would be great to count the specific backlog / column.


+1 this would be great!


In the meanwhile use a tag by the same name as the column and search on that


+1 Yes, please. We need to be able to filter by column.


+1 I would like this feature too, please!


+1 voted, thought Board and List should share some useful features


+1 on this functionality!