Advanced Search, not showing columns from project board in dropdown

Hi all,

I want to create a specific advanced search, but I run into a problem.
Our content team manages all content creation for all countries in one Asana Board. Yes, just one with 36 columns (don’t ask me why).

There are several columns named ‘done (country_name)’, i.e. Done UK &US and I want to have a search with the following

and then giving me all completed tasks, but only in these specific columns. I know it is possible to search within section (in a list view), but somehow it doesn’t seem to work in Board view. I’ve tried different browsers (FF/Chrome) but no dropdown to show me which columns I’d like to filter on.


Is this a bug?
Is there a maximum to the amount of columns you can refine you search with per project(board)
Is there another way to get these search results?

Would be great if someone could help me out with this.


I’ve just tried it and I’m getting the same problem. @lpb, is there a way to distinguish board columns in Asana2Go? I’ve been experimenting but I haven’t managed it yet.

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@Joost I just ran into the same thing a couple days ago. I don’t believe it’s related to too many columns; I just think (but not 100% sure) that it’s a missing feature in Boards.

In a Board Project, if you click on a Task and view the Membership, you see the regular Project and Section/Column as a current value with dropdown chooser. I believe that thing should show in the Advanced Search parameter chooser, as it does for List Projects as you point out.

I only use Board Projects for the very simplest of use cases; anything more seems safer to use List Projects which have full functionality.

@Mark_Hudson, this has been on my backlog list for Asana2Go; it’s just a matter of finding time to inspect the Memberships and enable this.




Any news on this matter? I am still in desparate need for such an advanced search since we will keep this content calendar in a board view instead of a list few.

I have been in contact with Asana Support. This is a known issue, probably on the backlog, but no ETA on fixing this.

yes, I confirm the bug. There is no way to filter search by board column

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Great news guys! You can now search your Board project by column: Advanced Search: you can now search by column in your Board project. I’m closing this topic, but feel free to add your comment or ask your questions on the thread above!