Have the ability to search by columns in board-based projects

How can I search for tasks that belong to a specific board in a project? Any advise how to do it?

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Good question, @Lukasz_Siemaszko. Unfortunately, you can’t search by column within Boards right now, but we’ll capture this for the team to consider in future improvements to Boards. Thanks!


Hello! So I’ve been useing Asana for couple of years now, and I feel quite experianced by now.

I like this new board-based projects. But I dont understand how to create filters and search queues based on project collumns. For example I have 3 collumns in my project, and I want to have filter that shows me only tasks from collumns 1 and 2, but not 3. Is it possible now?

At first I thought that this little drop-down arrows in project buttons in search window for this, but the drop-down is always empty for all my projects.

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Hi @pavel.oliferovskiy!
Boards is a newer feature, so doesn’t yet have all of the functionalities that List Projects do.
You can’t search around tasks in particular columns, but I’m hoping that comes soon! :slight_smile:
You can adjust the total Board Project view to see just Incomplete tasks (vs. all Complete & Incomplete tasks). Hopefully this can streamline your Board view a bit and help you drill into a more relevant subset of tasks.


Hi @Shannon_McNeil . The community appears to have been asking for this feature for a long time now. Will we ever get it?


We have plans to further iterate on Boards this year and have noted everyone’s requests to our Product team. I’m hopeful that we’ll have this functionality in our Advanced Search view in the future similar to what’s available for List view projects.

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We use one board project as a kanban board, it goes “Backlog”, “In Progress”, “Ready for Review”, “Feedback Left”, and “Approved”.

All of the projects are shown in this board. I want to use the advanced search to list all the tasks in a specific project, that are also in the “Feedback Left” column.



Exactly the same here. We are using the same column layout for several projects.
It would be even great to filter “ tasks assigned to in column for projects” so that you can only see the relevant tasks which are relevant.
Let’s push this feature request.


Adding a +1 here for ability to search for tasks in a specific column.


+1 I agree. It’s weird that there’s no way to filter by columns. How do I report on how many items are in each column?

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Great news! It’s now possible to search your Board projects by columns! You can learn more about it in this post: Advanced Search: you can now search by column in your Board project. Happy Tuesday everyone!