Searchable columns

It would be AMAZING if you could search columns.

We have many projects which feature each section of our business in a column ie. creative and studio

We would love to be able to search ‘creative’ column across all projects and see a list of all task cards in that column to allow overarching visibility in a list or in a calendar for the creative team (And all other depts)

Hi @Karina1 :wave:t3:

You can already search columns of Boards via the Advanced Search, but as it stands, you will need to manually add all projects containing a “creative” column. Hopefully, this is something we can improve in the future; thank you so much for your precious feedback!

Thanks I will add this to product feed back

Thanks @Karina1! Marking this thread complete as I can see that you have created a new post in the #productfeedback category!