How do you Sprint plan in Asana?

Hi there, I’m about to move forward with the paid plan for my team, and still have a few details I’d like to figure out.

  1. I have a backlog view that’s all tasks across all projects as a saved search (thanks to some earlier help here!). When we do the sprint planning, we add the sprint project to the task, and it properly puts it in the sprint board in the right position. The sprint project has a due date. I’d like for the task to take the due date of the sprint project when I add the task. The only automation I can find is one to add + number of days to the due date, and that’s not at all useful to me. I wonder if there’s something I’m missing here.

  2. I would like to keep the sections in sync. Once we start a sprint, we aren’t really looking at the individual projects or the backlog anymore until we go back to planning. When I move a task from In Progress to QA on the sprint project, I’d like it to move to the same section in the e.g., Infrastructure project. Haven’t been able to figure out how to do that either.

Are there some sort of shenanigans I can do with custom fields or something to make these things happen?


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Hi @andrew_martin1

I try to provide my take on your questions:

  1. I don’t think there is any existing rule where you can set all due dates of all task within a project to the same due date than the project itself (I am also not quite sure if this makes sense , as I personally prefer to have a more detailed planning with different due dates within the sprint, but that’s my personal opinion). The only way I see is that you set the due date of all sprint tasks manually as part of your spring planning. You could use the multi-select option where you can select and manipulate up to 50 tasks to make it easier :slight_smile:

  2. To achieve your goal, you could work with custom fields that trigger a rule which moves the task to a specific section (e.g. if custom field «status» is change to QA , move task to board section «QA». However you would have to setup the same sections AND the same rules in each project you would want this to happen. You would also have to make sure that you add this custom field to your collection, so it is available in all your projects. It might be some work in the beginning - depending on how many projects you are having. But once you have set this up the change to the custom field would trigger the move to the specific section in all those projects. For future projects (or if you want so save some time in general :slight_smile: ) you could also create a project-template that already has those sections and rules set up.

I hope this helps. If something is not clear, let me know. Not sure if I got all your wishes right.