Assigning due dates in a template

I have created an onboarding template for new hires in my office. Is there a way that dates can be assigned from the date the project is created? Example 1 day, 2 days, etc…



Hi Matt,

At this time there is not a way that dates can be assigned from the date the project is created. However, there is an easy trick for shifting due dates. Take a look!

Please let us know if you have follow up questions.

This would be a REALLY handy feature and one I would be happy to pay for. WHen I start a new client project we have a very specific set of things that happen in the first three weeks and not having to assign a due date to every task every time we start a new client would be a huge timesaver.


This would be super helpful. Is the Asana team working on adding this feature? I was hoping this would be included in the Premium Plan :frowning:


@Cristi_Jayo If you template has due dates from previous use and the dates are consistent duration you can easily duplicate the project with due dates and then use Sendana date located at to calculate the number of days to roll-forward your new project. Sendana%20Date These are two different tools with Sendana Add on the left and Sendana Date on the right. They are limited to one level of subtasks.

Hi @Cristi_Jayo,

You might also want to take a look at Flowsana - its Dynamic Duration workflow will do exactly what’s described here - you set a duration for each project task, set up your dependencies as appropriate, then when you enter a project start date, all project task dates will be calculated and populated as appropriate. (And there is a lot more to its functionality as well.)


I thought this is was thing now, wasn’t a similar feature released like 2 months ago?

No, not similar to the subject of this thread. What you’re thinking of is the ability to shift task dates one time when you’re initially creating a project from a template:

The request in this particular thread is quite different - the ability to specify durations and date offsets for tasks and have those lead to calendar dates.