Set due dates for tasks made of templates



We use templates for tasks in our team for different situations. Usually we need to be some task done until a few days from the date task is created. We have big structure of tasks in one template and it takes some time to set due dates when the template tasks are created. We really appreciate to have posibility to set due dates according to date of creation (e.g. set due date in 7 days from creation; task will be created on 1st so due date will be set on 8th automatically. Are you planning to integrate this function?

Thank you


Hey there @Jan_Mejsnar,

Thanks for taking the time to share your feature request! I can totally understand how helpful it would to set due dates according to the date of creation.

While we don’t have any information to share regarding your inquiry, this feature request is definitely on our radar.

Thanks again for your feedback!


This is a HUGE feature missing. While the template feature is great if you can not set auto due dates you leave it open to many possible things going wrong, and things getting missed. Ultimately defeating the main purpose of a template where a company owner can require certain tasks to be completed within a certain timeframe.


100% agree. Auto due dates for templates is a necessity. Assign a start date and tasks should be updated according to the duration they are from that. Any updates on this since the last post?


Add another one to the list


Would love that too! We’re hacking our way around that with some zapier integrations but it would be awesome if these were baked in features.