Spreadsheets into Asana (Airtable)?

Main question: any one else moved from spreadsheets to Asana?

Hi all! we use Airtable to keep track of our properties (we do construction and property management). they are relatively simple spreadsheets however Airtable is pretty slick.

does asana have any spreadsheet feature built in? or is it just integration with google sheets?

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Great question, @Jordan_Friedman, and Iā€™d love to hear from other community members about their experiences moving from spreadsheets into Asana.

In the meantime, Iā€™m happy to provide some details about the related functionality. There is no native spreadsheet functionality in Asana, but there are several features that can help you organize information similar to a spreadsheet, and you can always export your projects to a .csv if you need to see your projects in Excel.

First, you can import information from any spreadsheet into an Asana project with the new .csv importer. This makes it very easy to get your information into a project without losing all of your structured information.

With custom fields, you can add structured information to your tasks in projects, similar to what you would put in different columns in a spreadsheet. You can display these custom fields in the center project view, and they will also export to separate columns if you ever export the project.

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thank you!

would it be possible to share one of my airtable sheets with you so you could better analyze whether we could achieve same goal in Asana