Sorting in Asana



I whole heartedly agree with creating a primary and secondary sorting option so that you can keep tasks in the today/upcoming/later categories but see the due dates chronologically. I have voted above, but Asana, I wonder - how many votes for a topic does it take to actually get on the upgrade priority list?


Hi @Patty_Roberts and thank you so much for your feedback regarding our Sorting options. You can learn more about our feedback and voting system in the following post. Hope this helps!


Hello! I’m a relatively new user to Asana and a huge fan. Would like to see a one-click date sort option on My Tasks. I’m constantly switching back and forth between a project sort (default) and a daet sort. Thanks for offering a forum for feedback!


Hey @Holly.Caliri, thanks so much for your feedback on sorting and My Tasks, I can certainly see what you mean here.

I have gone ahead and merged your thread into an existing one on this topic to allow other Community Forum members to easily vote on this request!


Yes, we need this enhancement badly. This is what our staff’s tasks look like when trying to manage a team. It’s to much jumbled data to use efficiently.(upload://1xaEvuBZj7J72cCSwKyz643duFL.png)