Sorting in Asana

I whole heartedly agree with creating a primary and secondary sorting option so that you can keep tasks in the today/upcoming/later categories but see the due dates chronologically. I have voted above, but Asana, I wonder - how many votes for a topic does it take to actually get on the upgrade priority list?


Hi @Patty_Roberts and thank you so much for your feedback regarding our Sorting options. You can learn more about our feedback and voting system in the following post. Hope this helps!

Hello! I’m a relatively new user to Asana and a huge fan. Would like to see a one-click date sort option on My Tasks. I’m constantly switching back and forth between a project sort (default) and a daet sort. Thanks for offering a forum for feedback!

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Hey @Holly.Caliri, thanks so much for your feedback on sorting and My Tasks, I can certainly see what you mean here.

I have gone ahead and merged your thread into an existing one on this topic to allow other Community Forum members to easily vote on this request!

Yes, we need this enhancement badly. This is what our staff’s tasks look like when trying to manage a team. It’s to much jumbled data to use efficiently.(upload://1xaEvuBZj7J72cCSwKyz643duFL.png)

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Being able to sort within a section would be extremely helpful. For example, I would like to be able to organize using sections and then sort by due date within each section. Currently, the only way to do this is to drag each individual task into the correct order. Maybe this could be added by allowing multiple levels of sorting (ie: sort by section, then by date, then by assignee) as you can in Excel. Without this functionality, sections are pretty useless because they require so much additional work to get tasks organized.

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I’m appalled that Asana is considered a popular to-do list platform, and this basic functionality isn’t available – and after two years of users pointing it out!

Is there any particular reason why this isn’t a priority, Asana?


Hi @Marie, I appreciate the reply. If I am reading and understanding correctly, most of the comments here (and many new threads that are consolidated/merged into this thread) point out that “multiple criteria” is expected basic functionality.

For me, I am aghast that if I chose to use Sections in a List View of “My Tasks” sorted by “Project,” that within those sections, there is no rhyme or reason to the sorting. Am I missing a feature or view where I should be doing something differently?

Thank you!


Hi @JonF,

Yes, you’re correct, when sorting your My Tasks by project, tasks within (project) sections aren’t organized in a particular order. You can re-organize them manually using the drag and drop feature, but you can’t automatically sort them out based on other criteria.

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

You are absolutely correct. Secondary sorting is a basic feature in most programs, and it is a mystery why this has yet to be implemented in Asana, especially given this widely commented upon thread dating back over two years already. Clearly Asana doesn’t see it as a priority but I hope the ongoing requests wake them up to the reality that it is a key need for users.


The lack of a primary / secondary sort parameter is the biggest weakness of the Asana tool for our team. With the number of projects and tasks we manage, we need the ability to see them from different perspectives depending upon the specific objective. It seems like this issue has been identified for awhile. Has there been any progress expanding the sort capabilities?


This lack of functionality regarding task management is really diminishing the value of Asana. The idea that the tasks can’t be sorted by multiple criteria is annoying and time consuming especially in the My Tasks view where it seems that New Today Upcoming and Later would give an option to sort by date due since this is the premise behind these sections. In other projects allow the tasks to sort within the sections they are assigned. This needs to be resolved.


Please add this. This is becoming an essential function for our workflow.

I’m pretty surprised that given how popular and how well capitalized Asana seems to be that their development team is so slow to impliment requests from the community. I’ve noticed it with this issue as well as several others. I want so much to stick with Asana, but will be hunting around for another platform with a hungrier product developmnt team.

Not sure if this has already been linked somewhere above, but here is another post about this topic: 1) Sort only selected tasks; 2) Sort tasks only within a section

It seems that if you combined all of the topics that discuss more flexible sorting or organization of tasks, this would be one of the most highly requested Asana improvements!

Hi there. I’m writing to request a secondary sort on custom reports. I basically want to sort by likes, then by due date. I realize that not cluttering the UI/UX is important, here is a mockup that I think would work:

For super old browsers that can’t handle dragging and dropping within a dropdown like this, I would just default to a “Edit Sort…” hyperlink at the bottom that let’s the user pick the fields and rank the sorts in a modal.

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Yes PLEASE! I’m new to Asana and the inability to sort “My Tasks” by both project and date has me looking for alternative programs. I really like to see things in an organized way, and right now “My Tasks” is more frustrating to look at than helpful (especially since I have a lot of sub-tasks). I have to go through each one of my Projects each day to make a work-plan that is organized.

I don’t want to sort dates manually. Too easy to miss something. Boards are so far better than lists for sorting!

The advanced search reports are the most amazing part of Asana because they give us the power to gather and present the information our workflow needs, even when that requirement is super specific and weird.

What would really make ALL our asana dreams come true is if we could have a second level of sorting.

For example:

We want to have an overall list of upcoming deadlines. So we have made all deadlines into milestones and then made a report of all milestones. Now we have a list of upcoming deadlines. We want to sort that list by assignee, which we can do, but then the tasks are all jumbled. It would be amazing if we could set a primary sort (assignee) and then secondary sort (date) so that it grouped this by assignee and then in due date order!

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Hi @Tommy_Casual,

I’ll merge your post with Sorting in Asana to consolidate all feedback around sorting options.

I ended up here because I was looking for a way to reverse the order of sorting by completion time, so I could read the chronology of tasks I had accomplished over a certain period. It’s not a huge deal but it would be easier to read forward than backward.