Sorting in Asana



Hi @Ben_Ard; unfortunately, I don’t have an update to share at the moment, but we’re closely monitoring this feedback thread and I’ll be in touch as soon as I have an update!


I would just like to add my strong support for this feature!

I am currently working as a TA at my university, and we are using Asana to organize our work for grading, improvements, and other tasks. For our work, we have several tasks divided across multiple sections. We would like to be able to organize each section by upcoming due dates to more easily prioritize tasks. Unfortunately, when sorting by due date, Asana currently moves all section headers to the bottom and groups all the tasks together at the top.

Any work toward adding this functionality would be a tremendous benefit to me and my school. Thank you all for your work, and I hope to see this feature in the future!


I also sometimes have the need to put a later-due task up the list. Perhaps there should be a feature added to each task’s “…” or right below each project name in each task’s viewing pane to pin this task to the top of My Tasks, or to the top of specific sections.

The only concern I have is if the task is located within multiple projects but those projects either don’t have the same sections, no sections, or that the same task in those projects don’t have the same reordering need as the original task at hand. Where project(s) are listed in the viewing pane, perhaps all projects listed here for this task should have it’s own sorting specificity (pin to top, pin to top of section x, etc.) and the default would be pin to top of page? The “…” could have the default selection to pin to top of all tasks in current project AND across projects it is in. Any deviations from this default of pinned to the top of all tasks with the current or across projects that it’s in will need to be manually done.

Hope this makes sense.


'would be great to have a sort by person who assigned task to you or "Assigned By" as well.

Multi-layer Sort/Grouping View

Any updates?


Today, I was thinking that it would be great if I could shift-select multiple tasks and then, under the more actions menu, reorder by due date.

This would be a fast way to manually sort tasks within a section. But it could also be used anywhere, across sections if you want. It wouldn’t require creating a new default filter, but would instead just be a way to expedite manually re-ordering (which is the current status quo). With a keyboard shortcut for reorder by due date, this would be perfect for me.

What do you think, Asana?


Omg I made to the bottom of this monster thread.

So… is Asana listening?

Another +1.

Our use case: we’re using a custom field to set roadmap timing (2018, 2019, future, backlog), and we’re using native tags to group up related project ideas that might sum up into unified larger efforts (site redesign, etc.). And we have a priority field. So we want to sort by timing (to group together all the 2018 stuff), then within that group together by tag, and/or sort by priority.