Sorting in Asana

Would be awesome to be able to group tasks in my task by day and by week. Rather that Today/Updcoming/Later.

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I think the mentality with the New Tasks / Today / Upcoming / Later sections is to help you prioritize your work.

With the exception of tasks in ‘New Tasks’ which are sorted by the order in which they were created / assigned to you, I believe it will show tasks in the other sections by due date.

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There is already a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merge your post to consolidate feedback!

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It’s been over 2 years since the original request. Any reason why the most voted requests are that old and still not completed?

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Is there a timeline on when the secondary sorting function will be added @Natalia Would be great to be able to let our team know when they can expect this.

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+1 - sort by section then date would be a huge level up!

+1 here. This is a popular issue that has been pending for over two years. Can you please impliment this functionality.

Sorting by Team would be another option quite useful to us. Currently when tasks are sorted by Project in a saved search, the Team names are shown but the projects are listed in alphabetical order (!). It would be more useful if they were grouped by Team.

+1 million

please just add sorting on the section level and make my life beautiful :slight_smile:

It is pure insanity Asana does not allow this function. I mean, this is basic level stuff here guys.