Sort by due date feature for boards

I second Sonia - this would be a really useful feature in the board view: sort each column’s tasks by due date (chronological and even better, antechronological).

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I’m really sorry, but that’s rather poor. Sorting board cards is a necessity. It should have been available from the beginning. How could it have been overlooked? I find it a major shortcoming.

Another one: apparently one cannot move a card from one Workspace to another. One can copy but not paste.

These are just a few first observations. I am still trying Asana out but without these functionalities, you compare poorly to Trello.


Thanks for the candid feedback all. We’ve passed this along to our product team, who definitely plans to iterate upon the Boards feature once we launch a few other exciting things in the works! :slight_smile:


I am also waiting for exactly the same feature. Hoping for a quick development! :slight_smile:

It would be good to get a setting on boards for how to sort. (due date, priority, etc)

Perhaps that could be chained to a custom field that takes strings and compares to a user input list (then sorts by date as default)

This would address the sort by date concern, but also allow organization by size/priority or other customer identified variables. (Example - logistical priority 'this needs to go to the other work group NOW, if we want it to arrive in 2 months when it is needed as that work group is swamped…)

Yes, I highly agree with everyone - having an option to sort each column by due date, priority, etc. just like in the list format would be SUPER helpful! Is there a projected date for when the Asana Team should have this figured out? Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Chiming in to say – please add auto due date feature for boards! It would be so much easier to keep teams on task. Thanks TEAM ASANA – let us know when we might look forward to this fix.

I would really like this feature too!

This is a big need – can’t realistically organize without a proper sorting feature for white boards, is there a fix for this soon?

This is crucial for us too, our business is deadline oriented.

Hi, Asana! Is there any update on when we might expect to see a “sort by” feature on the Boards? I’m hoping to set up a board for an ongoing project soon and sorting by date would be a crucial feature. Thanks!

This is really embarrassing that this feature is not done yet. Do we have updates on when it will be done? If not I may start looking for a better solution. Has anyone on this board found something with basic features like this?


Is there a plan for creating this feature in the near future?

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We are also in need of this feature. Without it, organising tasks in the morning is really time-consuming. Is there an update when the feature will be launched?

I agree with the need to be able to sort projects by due date. This is a vital need for our use. I’m very surprised this is not a build-in feature and that we have to vote on this to get a basic function considered.

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@Shannon_McNeil Would really help if this feature was available! It’s been pending sorting by date on boards for almost a year now. Is there any hope that it’ll be available soon?

@dee.wassell - I don’t have an update on sorting columns at this time, but its on our product team’s roadmap.

We really need this feature! It’s almost pointless to use boards without being able to scan due dates chronologically.

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I would really like to see this feature added soon. All that needs to be done is add sort features to the drop down menu for the columns. Example: Sort by: Due Date, by tags, by assignee, etc. While adding this, it would be nice if you could have a way that users could add their custom fields to this drop-down menu. For example I would add “Priority Level” which is one of my custom fields. Manually dragging them around and placing them in order of due date is not the best solution. Thanks and hope to see it added soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

Adding my request to this as well. It’s essential functionality.