Sort by due date feature for boards


this is a must feature for me.


@Shannon_McNeil any updates on this?


I do not have an update on this functionality, but will make sure we post here when we know more about timing


Just +1 to @Bart_Buijs’ point about duplicating cards across workspaces. I understand why you’d want to prevent the SAME card from being shared across workspaces, but we really should be able to copy/paste (duplicate) from one workspace to another.


+1 Please. This is so important.


yes! How this people from ASANA has any doubt that the possibility to sort by due date is a MOST, also the possibility to copy an entire column.


this is a very important update, also the possibility to copy an entire column


Shame on you Asana, how long have people been asking for this feature? If there was a reason to return to Trello (who have always offered a number of sort-by options in the free version) this is it.


Just wanted to +1 this topic. Would be great if you could add this. I am sorting my card manually now and it takes a lot of time. Seems like a feature that shouldn’t be too hard to implement? Or are we missing something that makes this really difficult?


… so, I’m just going to say how I feel.

I am shocked and disheartened that a simple sort feature is not available on a product that seems so refined as Asana. This is just amazing to me that a skeleton feature is still not available. I’m not sure if I can switch from Trello without basic things like this. Manually moving around cards after I’ve assigned dates mind-numbingly boring, a waste of time, and nonsensical. It’s like kicking myself in the face.


Major flaw in what is otherwise a great tool that we have been trialing for about two weeks. Starting to look around at other similar platforms because managing a board without sorting is nigh impossible. Shame, we really like the interface otherwise…