Feature Request: Sort Board Columns by Date




I love the Boards project type and use it regularly. One nice feature that would make them even more useful would be the ability to sort tasks in a particular column by their due date. Currently, I believe that the order of the tasks in each column can only be sorted manually.


Sort/Prioritize by Due Date in Board Columns (Please)

Absolutely second this, I’m trying to run it as an order board for a printing firm!


Our business absolutely would love this feature to be released!!! Is there anything in the works?


Yes! Please add in the date sorting option to boards Asana!


Adding my voice, this would be super useful!


I would love to see a sort option by time as well. Sometimes, we have multiple things due within projects on the same day. I’d like to see a time option added so we can better manage multiple tasks across multiple teams.


I want to +1 this as well. This feature would save me a lot of time.


+1 to this also - would be very helpful


+1 this as well! Please, please


This would be awesome, especially if there was the additional option to pic certain items to the top of the list.


I agree! The ability to sort Board columns by due date would be very helpful for my organization!


This would be great, we use this for monitoring the status of customer’s orders between departments and would love to be able to sort the board columns by task due date&time.


I would love to see this feature added as it would save me a few hours of work per week! I use columns to organize my clients, and use due dates to know who to follow up with in a sales cycle. If the column automatically had tasks sort by date, then I wouldn’t have to spend time dragging each task to the bottom of the column after I contact them. Thanks in advance for your consideration. :slight_smile:


is anyone from asana even reading this? it seems like a no-brainer, nothing too difficult to implement, requested by 20 people, yet in six months nobody even bothers to answer…:frowning_face:


Yes this is essential!


+1 to this also - would be very helpful


+1 This would be really helpful! One of the competitive features of wrike… but not Asana :(. Please add soon!


This is shocking that it’s not a feature as so basic. What task list wouldn’t need the ability to sort by date.

I’m just moving to Wrike for this.


Just adding to the squeaky wheel in hopes to elevate the issue – Board view is great. That it can’t be sorted by date is … ridiculous. And a bit surprising that basic user testing didn’t raise this issue. Can we get a solve, Asana?



Multiple +1 and comments since May 2017 - Can we please have some indication on whether this feature will be looked at or planned release?

Thank you :slight_smile: