Feature Request: Sort Board Columns by Date

@Alexis can you please help :)? Thank you

This would be such a great development for the app.

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I need this, too. More than six months since it was first proposed – and still not even an acknowledgement by Asana? WTF?


Want to add my +1 - I would really like to be able to sort by due date and last modified. Would be SOOOOOO helpful. I don’t care if you gate it in premium, finally got our CEO to spring for it and this would be one more reason it is a must-have.

I’d like to be able to sort by due date as well as alpha order. I use boards to manage my speaking calendar and they are easier to find when I can quickly sort them by name. Adding my +1

seconding this as well. I assume you guys are aware at this point but we all know that feature requests are about aggregate volume. it’s not a huge change but it would make our day


Please add the ability to sort columns by date!

This should have been done yesterday, catch up, and listen to your users’ needs or fall behind!


This functionality would make my life so much easier. With lots of small tasks, having the more urgent ones at the top would save me a load of time searching/sorting tasks. At the same time, maybe add filters to filter by tag/project? (But sorting by date is the most important for me.)

Lending my voice to those wishing we could sort board columns by due date.

Asana techs, where you at?! I feel like this could be a quick update… sorting by date would take boards to an entirely different level. Right now they are only arbitrarily stored pieces of info. To sort by date per column would give structure that would make them much more valuable to many of us.

Thanks a bunch!

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Please!! Please do this! I have 50+ tasks in my To-Do column on a regular basis, with more being added all the time and obliterating the order I’ve meticulously dragged and dropped each task into!

Asana wants to help productivity, right? When I have to spend upwards of 30 or 45 minutes just to put my tasks in order, I’m not being productive.

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yep. can be great to add different ways of arranging tasks in each column. Like Date (the obvious one) but also Alphabetic order, priority (like a rank from 1 to 10), etc… thanks

Ditto to what everyone else is say, I would LOVE this feature and it would really make the view much more useful.

This is very concerning… that Asana is not even responding to a popular request. Ive been side-by-side testing vs Redbooth and Redbooth definitely offers this. They give a notice saying that you cannot manually sort tasks if you use the Due Date sorting, and thats fine. Asana allows this on a list, but not a board. They way i need my workflow, a board is better. If Asana doesnt listen to this many community members I fear this may not be the company i want to subscribe to

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+1 second this! Sorting by time would be super to complement the board view. It makes it less usable now, because all the tasks needs to be maintained manually

giving the option to sort by time or alphabetically or other option would be great to have. not just manual…

Must have feature! Please add it!

Agreed! I end up spending time rearranging them only to have everything go back when I refresh the page.

Agreed, basic sorting would make Asana Board projects usable for scrums.

Would Absolutely love this feature. Please make it so! :slight_smile: