"Sorry, we were unable to connect to Dropbox. Please try again later."

Hi everone,

When I try to link a dropbox file to a task, I get a “Sorry, we were unable to connect to Dropbox. Please try again later.” in a window within the webpage (no pop-up). It used to work, it is a Dropbox Business account, it works on my colleagues’ computers, and it works on mine with OneDrive. Of course, I am logged to Dropbox with this browser.
I’ve already cleared the cookies and site datas (from Firefox 63.0.1) of Asana and Dropbox without any effect.

Does anyone have an idea or a solution?

Thank you!

Hi @Antoine_Delille :wave:t3:

Can you give it another go from a private/incognito window and let me know if you’re running into the same issue?

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi @Marie,
Exact same issue in incognito window :confused:

Interesting :thinking: Have you tried with another browser? I’m surprised you’re not seeing this pop-up window (see screenshot below), it sounds like Firefox might be blocking it?

Ok, got it:
The Dropbox API calls for third-party cookies which are considered by Firefox as Trackers (if the user as requested them to be blocked, as I did). To solve this, in Firefox “Privacy & Security” settings (about:preferences#privacy in URL) add “https://app.asana.com” as an exception under “Cookies and Site Data”:

Remark: I don’t know why in this case OneDrive wasn’t block the same way Dropbox was…

@Marie thanks for the answers!

Well played @Antoine_Delille and thanks for keeping us posted!