Issue with attachments via Dropbox - "failed to load request"

Help! Dropbox is failing to link files - all team members are encountering the same issue. After the file is selected in the Dropbox popup window, an error message pops up that says “Failed to load request.” Has anyone else encountered this?

I can upload/download to Dropbox outside of Asana, so I don’t think the issue is there.
I can attach files in Asana from my computer.
I can open files from Dropbox that were previously attached to an Asana task.
I have logged out of and logged back into both Asana and Dropbox and the issue persists.

I have the same issue.

HI Beth :raised_hand:

I tried linking my own Dropbox account (I wasn’t using it with Asana before), and I couldn’t reproduce the issue described.

As a first debugging approach, you could try to go to “My Settings” > “Apps” and Deauthorize Dropbox and Authorize it again.

Please let us know


Hi everyone, thanks for flagging this issue! Once you’ve taken the steps mentioned by Arthur please let us know. If the issue persists I will escalate it to our Developers. Thank you!

Thank you everyone for your responses and suggestions!

The good news is that I was able to attach files via Dropbox like usual this morning, so whatever happened was a temporary glitch! But I don’t know what made the issue happen in the first place. The strangest thing was that everyone on my team had the same error message come up and it persisted for us all for several hours, so it wasn’t a problem with my specific computer or account.

I didn’t quite follow Arthur’s directions since Dropbox does not appear under “Apps” for me. Perhaps because I use a business account it is linked/authorized elsewhere. I did sign out of Dropbox and then sign back in, as I noted yesterday, but at that time, it didn’t fix the issue.

Tried Arthur’s suggestion, but still having issues. Any other ideas?