Linking to Dropbox doesn't seem to work for me?



Not sure whether this is specific just to me. When I try to attach a file in a task and then choose Dropbox I get the sign-in to Dropbox window. When I click sign-in I seem to keep getting back to the same sign-in window on Asana and never seem to get signed in to Dropbox.


Hi @Stephen_Gruppetta and apologies for the trouble here! Could you confirm if you’re experiencing the same issue when logging into your account from an incognito/private window AND with another browser?

Looking forward to your reply


Ah - using a private window seems to have worked (I’m on Safari 12.0)


Sounds like it could just be an issue with your browser; have you tried clearing your cache and cookies?


thank you - clearing the asana cookie has worked - I can now use the Dropbox integration. Thank you


Well played @Stephen_Gruppetta, glad we managed to fix this issue together! :slight_smile: