Snooze / boomerang tasks

This option doesn’t work for us, because we use many of our tasks long-term/without a deadline. In cases where a team member posts a comment that requires a response in one of those tasks, I’d like to be able to snooze the notification about his/her comment in case I can’t immediately respond.

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One more justification for task snoozing: it would support a simple gesture for the user to be able to narrow their focus on the actionable.

It would complement other tools currently available to focus on the actionable, such as tags, projects, due dates, start dates and dependencies.

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I agree with @SamA on here and would love to see a snooze feature. A lot of folks above have recommended movign something to “Later” section, but this only works on my personal board. We use Asana for larger teams and there is no Later section for that.

Our staff have dozens of tasks in their My Tasks and you can’t see the wood for the trees. Some are upcoming reports to be written and users need to quickly know what they are when discussing with colleagues. But they blend in with all those where we are waiting for something - information, permission to proceed etc. In some task systems you can ‘suspend’ a task. It would be so useful to have a toggle in my tasks and actually in the projects too to show/hide tasks that are pending / suspended / snoozed.

Even if it were possible to alphabetically sort my tasks within sections, we could rename snoozed tasks to start with ZZZ

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Big +1 to this feature request – tasks pile up without the ability to snooze them, and it really clutters the screen, especially in boards (which already show so few cards).

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Adding my vote here. Snoozing is an important feature from a follow-up perspective, and the current workflow of creating a task or adding an updated Due Date and allowing for auto-promotion isn’t always appropriate and often is overkill.

An example is sometimes, I just want a reminder to look at an already-completed task 6 months from now to remind me of something I did.

Nothing is due, I don’t want to see it in my upcoming tasks, and I don’t want to create a new incomplete task explaining everything. I just want a super super quick and native way for the already-completed task with all its history to be re-surfaced.

Would love a Gmail or style Snooze button to manage this.

Hi all!

Adding my two cents to this conversation as well - “snooze” is different than simply re-assigning the date. A task may have a deadline of 30 days, but you may not want to re-address someone’s question until the morning, or until you have time to think bout it more - but, you want to clear you inbox as you have no pressing items. This is where a snooze feature would be helpful, similar to gmail or outlook.


I came here to vote for Snooze as well. Auto promote and re-assigning a date are not the same as snoozing the task. I manage tasks for my team, and as the dates approach or priorities change, I have the need to re-assign the due dates in bulk. I’m looking for a way to snooze or move the due dates of multiple tasks by the same amount of time. So the ability to “Snooze all selected tasks for 2 weeks” would allow me to move tasks in bulk bulk but also keep the same schedule/date prioritization. For example, our UX designer gets assigned tons of tasks every day. Due dates are only assigned to give the tasks a priority, so if he doesn’t get to them before the date expires, I then have to go back in and change all the dates one at a time. If I could snooze them all for a month from the original due date, that would help me to re-schedule the work.

I am seriously considering switching back to Trello for this one feature. It solves a very real problem not otherwise covered by Asana’s feature set. Is there any plan to implement this feature? Or has anyone somehow developed an add-on that can do this?

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I completely agree that this is a real failing of Asana.

For me, it’s very often that I’m juggling a number of tasks, or areas of work, and just need to be able to clear the decks, to tomorrow, or the end of the week, so I can see clearly what I’m working on.

It’s a very different feature from deadlines — deadlines are only appropriate when there is an actual time for the thing to be done. This is more like “remind me about this later”, at which point I can address it or re-snooze it.

I think it’s a long shot, and seems the team might be reluctant to add the feature, but I would be very happy to see it.

Hi all :wave:

If you guys are on Business or Enterprise plan, you already have a solution to Snooze your tasks via a Custom rule.

In the rules, define your trigger, and as action select an external action, then iDO Things: “Snooze task until next Monday” or “Snooze task until next month”.

The iDO Things are free of charge.

Good luck to everyone :wink:

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