Snooze / boomerang tasks

Is there a way to hide a task untill it is due ?

Sure! Within My Tasks, once a due date is added to a task, you can triage it to Later or Upcoming and it will automatically auto-promote based on the due date or start date (if a start date is set). You can then “set it and forget it,” minimizing the Upcoming and Later sections, essentially hiding tasks until they’re promoted into the Today view. Check out the details here.


I agree with @Stephen_Patterson

There’s another thread on this with similar comments, if you’re interested:

Hi folks, just merging this thread with Snooze / boomerang tasks to avoid having duplicates and to centralise feedback!

Thanks, @Bastien_Siebman re:

I’m no chrome extension expert! I haven’t ruled it out at least…

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Hi folks, we are working on developing this as a third party integration w/ Asana. We are looking for some beta testers. Please message me if you are interested and I can provide next steps.

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I’m interested @Maggie_Reddi

Hi Maggie, I’m interested.

This is not a perfect solution, but it may work for some: You can create a new follow-up task, which contains a link to the task you are snoozing. You would set the due date for the follow-up task to the date when you want to be reminded. Then you can move the original task to ‘Later’ to get it out of your sight. This assumes you are using the Today/Later/Upcoming view.

The follow-up task could be a subtask of the original task (although you may wish to keep it separate if the original task is a recurring one—otherwise the subtask will also recur).


@Jack_Downey, you can give our solution a try by following these steps:

  1. Register for an account here: Project Sync.
  2. Create a new process and select Asana and Custom Actions as the two systems to integrate.
  3. Select Snooze Tasks as the custom action.
  4. Complete the wizard process.

You will need to also setup a custom number field in Asana which we will use to determine the snooze length.

You can see a walkthrough video here:

Send me a message if you have any questions.

Hi There-

please make this a native feature. It is a really essential tool to be able to say: This is just not actionable yet - Just as completed tasks get hidden from view - and you need to select them via the “incomplete tasks” dropdown in the top right corner, you can just add a status call snoozed - any snoozed task becomes invisible unless selected via this sheet. Snoozing should be possible also via the “my task” list. Just like in “my tasks”/“new tasks” you provide a dropdown for “move to today, upcoming or later” - just provide another dropdown for: Snooze until tomorrow, next week, or select date. This is such an essential feature - please make this happen!



I would like a button to “snooze” a task. For example, many of my tasks are “check with x about y;” but if I sent an email that hasn’t been responded to, I don’t want to mark the task as complete nor do I want it at the top of my task list for the day. I would like to somehow have it disappear for a designated amount of time and reappear at a future date.


Hi @AS9 welcome to the community, there is already a request for this so add your vote to the following post;



Your software is not working: Screenshot by Lightshot
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I use google chrome

Tomass, I just sent you an email message to try to assist with this.

This would be an excellent feature. I personally like to clear my today view at the end of each day which sometimes means deferring items for a day or more

Sometimes I need to check if a “commenter” replies to me in a x time and to be alerted if “commenter” doesn’t replied.
When I work in GMAIL I use the function “snooze” of the Chrome extension Streak: I set when I need the reply (2 days, 1 hour, a date, …) and if no reply comes, that email appear in Inbox set as unread.

Today I check the function in beta “Follow-up Tasks from Right Pane” but it’s simply a “wizard” to
create a new task.

What I purpose for Asana:

  • a Snooze function
  • clicking on we can set a date/time (11/01/2018 18:37) or a time period (3 days)
  • a new menu voice named “snoozed”
  • when the task hasn’t comments, a notification appear (in “snoozed”)
  • you may add that user may set to receive via email the “snoozed” notification too


Just commented in another place about this type of function.
It’s very useful and powerful, i also use it in emails and works like a charm!

Looking forward.


Our team would love the option to “snooze” individual items within our respective inboxes. Please add!