Slack integration not recognizing user

Hi, we created an email domain,, to make our own organization in Asana, because we are part of a much larger organization.

When I’m in Slack and I say “turn this message into an Asana task,” it works well for me.

For my colleague, when she does that she gets:
“slack-user-name is not a member of in Asana. Add her?”
When she says yes, she gets:
“cannot invite user. user@largeorgname is outside your organization’s domain.”
So, it’s using her largeorg domain instead of the domain to check in Asana. She’s is a member of our organization with the email
I’m trying to figure out why it works for me (same setup) but not for her.

Update. I’ve realized the new tasks i’ve been creating over the last few days have been going into the “largeorg” organization and not my own smaller one. Blech! Perhaps these items are related.