Slack integration not recognizing existing Asana team member when assigning task. Wants to invite new (creating duplicate)

I’ve installed the Asana integration on my Slack channel, and I’m trying to assign a task to myself in Slack. My name is Doug, and the problem I’m having is that when I create the new task in Asana & set the assignee in the create task dialog to “Doug”, it doesn’t recognize that I have a user in Asana named “Doug” and instead asks if I want to invite Doug to my Asana team, thereby creating a duplicate user for myself in Asana. How do I get it to link/recognize the existing “Doug” user between Slack & Asana?

Hi @Doug_Hodges and welcome to the Forum :blush:

Is “Doug” your username in Slack too? When creating a task in Asana via Slack, you must enter your Slack username in the “Assignee” field, so if your name is different in Slack and Asana, it might explain why you’re running into trouble!

Keep us posted!

Yes, I actually have myself in Asana under 2 accounts. One is just “Doug” and the other is my full name with last name included.

Here is the error from Slack:

@Doug is not a member XXXX Enterprises in Asana.

Invite Doug ( to XXXX Enterprises?


Thanks Doug and again, sorry for the trouble! Just one more thing, do you have two separate accounts or two Organizations within the same account?

Can you confirm what is your name in the Organization you have associated with Slack?

It looks like there are 2 organizations within the same account. I must have created it long ago, but now I can’t find anywhere to delete that organization. Either way, my name is Doug in both the organization I associated with slack, & in Slack so it should work. It just doesn’t.

Thanks for the follow-up @Doug_Hodges. I’d recommend reaching out directly to our support team who should be able to take a deeper look into this for you. Please make sure to send them any relevant screenshots. Again so sorry for the trouble Doug!