Asana using / caching old user name from Slack?

Running into some strange behavior and wondering if anyone else has experienced it and has any idea how to resolve it?

We have been using Slack for about 5 years and we integrated Asana with it around the same time.

We have some users who had created fanciful ‘nicknames’ and profile names in Slack way back at the beginning. To be more professional, we now enforce that users use their real name or nicknames that are more accurate/reflective of their real name and we are trying to make sure they have parity with their member name in Asana (or at least are very close to their Asana profile first name).

As such, these users have updated their username in Slack, but whenever we use the feature to create an asana task off of a Slack message, it autopopulates with their original username? In some cases, these users have changed that username 6+ months ago.

I tried removing the Asana Integration in Slack and then re-adding it hoping that it would poll the member list and refresh these details, but the issue still persists. Since the old username doesn’t appear anywhere in slack, this really looks like a problem with Asana?

Is there any way to resolve this issue and flush / refresh the cache of linked usernames between Slack and Asana.

Hi @Porthos, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! :wave:t2:

Has each user uninstalled the Asana/Slack integration? If not, I would suggest, particularly for the user who has updated their username, that they reinstall the integration! Let me know if this works :slight_smile:

Hi @Rebecca_McGrath - what are the correct steps to follow for the user to reinstall the integration? I don’t see an option other than to remove it from the entire workspace?

Also, completely unrelated to this, I have a close friend whose name Is Rebecca McGrath so getting a message from you was very confusing at first. Small world!