Problem with Slack integration with User with Merged Accounts

Does anyone have suggestions for how to work around this limitation? I think I understand why it’s doing this but I can’t imagine I am the only one hitting this wall:

  • I log into Asana using email address.
  • I log into Slack using email address.
  • When I log into Asana with that user, it provides access to all my other Asana Domains, some of which were originally set up with a email address, and are all merged so I only need my one user
  • I use Slack Connect to collaborate with “MyClientsOrganization”
  • I have authorized Slack->Asana Integration and have chosen the Domain “MyClientsOrganization”
  • When I create tasks using the Slack Asana integration, I cannot assign them to myself because Asana complains that “ is not a member of the MyClientsOrganization” in Asana, even though I’ve authorized and am able to create tasks etc. I can create the task, but I just cannot assign it to myself, so I need to go into Asana, find the unassigned task and then assign it to myself there. Is there a workaround to this?