Skip weekends project template due dates

Is it possible to modify the Calendar to factor out weekends for a project that has weekends factored in?

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What do you mean by factoring out week-end? Thanks

Good Morning Bastien,

My Asana will schedule tasks on weekends. We are an M-F operation. Is there any way to change that? I did see in the “Custom Templates” article a button that toggles weekends on/off. I cannot find this button even when following the instructions for creating a project from a custom template. My real issue is that I have several projects in flight already that I would like Asana to not schedule tasks on weekends. Any help that you could give me on this will be greatly appreciated.


Understood, what you are trying to achieve is not yet possible. Your screenshot will skip week-ends when using a template, but only for the initial creation.

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You know I wasn’t able to recreate for a new project started from a custom template either. I was never able to find the “Schedule tasks on weekends”, which appears from the screenshot to default to NOT scheduling on weekends. I know that when my projects were created I did not get the “Schedule tasks on weekends” button. Am I too assume the Asana by default will schedule on weekends, and if not, why are my projects allowing it as that button never appeared for me?

This dialog appears only when creating a project from a template containing at least one task with a due date.

Is there an ability to toggle this between on and off for certain tasks in a template? Some of our tasks have due dates that are in business days, but other assignments are due by a certain calendar day.

Last time I checked it was the entire template.

It is the same issue for Task templates and subtasks. I don’t see the use of adding dates that will be based on when the task is created and that will schedule things on top of the weekends. It just makes that automation useless since you always have to correct it.

My issues:

  1. When you create a Task template that has subtasks. You probably want the subtasks to have dates related to the parent task’s due date, not to when it is created.

  2. You can only set a date based on the Task creation date, not based on the previous tasks

  3. If I have a few subtasks to plan and they all have a delay between them, there is a lot of chance that some of them will fall on weekends. We should have an option inside the template to ignore week-ends. If not at the template level / task level, at least in the Project for ANY view.


Sorry, but this is absurd. How can a project management tool by default assume that everyone works on weekends without any way to turn it off? If anything it should be the opposite. This messes up literally everything. All estimates, timelines, reports and projections are simply totally wrong. This breaks your tool, plain and simple. Weekends do simply not exist for 99% of users.


Can you clarify which part you are referring to? My answer is more than one year old, not sure this is still up-to-date and I don’t understand my own answer :thinking:

I am still waiting for Asana to realize that this is a huge problem for most of us. This is just one of many threads on the topic, all with different but similar subject lines. They have different ways of stating the same thing; automatic due dates that include due dates that fall on weekends (holidays too) are pretty much useless and make it so that one has to manually go in and adjust them so that they are correct.
Systems Engineering concept; Systems should be designed to create greater efficiency, reduce error, and enhance continuity. Any time a manual process is by design, embedded within any automated process or system, it reduces efficiency and introduces the possibility of error occurring.


Asana please hear us! This is basic to doing business. Make it sensibly granular. “Skip Saturdays, Skip Sundays, Skip Holidays”.

I have another thread around here asking for the option to have company-wide holidays that are set by the Super-Admins. That’s obviously a slightly different topic but it ties directly into this.

Case in point, I’m scheduling a lot of tasks today out of task templates and project templates that are going to have to manually relocated which utterly, completely defeats the purpose of relative due dates. Monday is a national holiday for all USA users, but not all companies are closed. We are veteran-owned so you can be assured it’s a paid holiday for us. So, I’m having to manually move stuff off of Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday.

Likewise, we work a 4 day work week. Why can we not have the ability at the project level to just set which days of the week are just off-limits for relative due dates?

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