Scheduling due dates around weekends and holidays

My team uses Asana to manage a bunch of editorial calendars, with each card containing several subtasks. We schedule tasks and subtasks in bulk, using Zapier, but then we have to go into each card and adjust the due dates manually to avoid weekends and holidays. Is there any way to set up an Asana project so that it blocks subtasks from being assigned to a weekend or holiday?

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Hi @Nora_Schlesinger and welcome to the Forum!

In this specific case, I would recommend using Templates.

You could convert an existing Project into a Template and use it later to create new Projects.

If this Custom Template has Tasks with dates, when creating a New Project from it, you can set a start date or an end date to your new project and it will automatically adjust and schedule all the task following your template pattern and the start or due date you’ve selected for this new project. (You can learn how to do this in the following article:

The good thing about using this feature is that you can also decide if you want to schedule your tasks on weekends or not.

I hope this helps! Have a great Wednesday! :grinning:


Hi Natalia,

Thanks so much for getting back to me! I’m already using templates, so this looks like it may work for me. Two follow up questions:

  1. Does the date restriction apply to subtasks as well, or just the master card/task?

  2. I’m going through the tutorial for setting up the date restrictions, but in order to schedule the project dates, I first have to set the dates of the project. When I go to that tutorial, it is telling me to click the drop down arrow inside the project (next to the project title). Right now, all I see is three dots, and within that menu, no “edit project details” option. I’m only able to edit the name and description. I have a premium account, so I assume I’m not locked out of any features. Can you help me figure out how to access the ability to set project start dates for my template? Thanks!

@Nora_Schlesinger, I believe there are a couple of versions of this functionality out there in the wild, so since you don’t have that version described, you can also set the project’s (start and) due date(s) by going into the project’s Progress tab.


Hi @Nora_Schlesinger. :wave: I’m happy to read that!

To answer your questions:

  1. If the Custom Template contains subtasks with dates, it will automatically adjust and schedule those subtasks as well.

  2. As @lpb mentioned, you can set the project’s Start and Due Date on the Project’s Progress tab. See the screenshot:


Let me know if that helps and if you have any follow-up questions! :grinning:

Thank you so much!

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Hey @Natalia I am on Nora’s team and I am having problems with subtasks skipping weekends, they are still getting scheduled via Zapier. Was this functionality broken?

Hi @dustin2 and welcome to the Forum!:wave:

Sorry for the late reply here! Are you still running into this issue? Is this only happening with subtasks? Are those subtasks associated to the project template?

To give you some context, Subtasks do not automatically inherit their parent task project. You can manually associate your subtasks to the project by following these steps:

Looking forward to your reply!