I would like the ability to exclude weekends from tasks/subtasks. When creating task templates, we incorporate due dates in the automation for the subtasks based on the number of days from task assignment. If We assign a task template on Thursday and one of the subtasks is due 3 days from assignment, the due date would be Sunday. Since we don’t work on Sundays this task will obviously be past due. Would like to the option to exclude weekends and the task default to the next business day. For this scenario that would be Monday.

Would also like ability to have multiple subtasks that are completed in order through automation. For example, subtask 1 receives a due date (5/20/23) once that subtask is marked complete Subtask 2 is set up to have a due date 3 days from when subtasks one has been marked complete. This can be set up manually today, however, if Subtask 1 is marked complete on 5/21/23 subtask 2 still has a due date 3 days from 5/20 and the date doesn’t adjust. Subtask 2 can’t be completed until Subtask one has been completed. Would like Asana to automate the upcoming due dates based on prior task completion but still allow settings to be able to document number of days from completion.

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