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Asana + Siri Shortcuts would allow for some great automations to make iOS based Asana work much more productive. Are there any plan for this?


Hi @Hans_Rippel :wave:t3:

As you probably know, Asana already integrates with Siri (; so I’m curious to know what shortcut you envisioned? Would you mind elaborating your thought and maybe give us a couple of examples?


I’d love to be able to setup shortcuts that jump straight into a specific project, add a new task assigned to myself with a specific due date and have the description entry activate for me to fill in. Something like this and many other possibilities would allow users to to jump right in to where they need to be for specific workflows.

At the moment Asana’s Siri integration is fairly basic and I end up mostly entering tasks manually. Is it possible to add a new Siri created task to a specific project with a due date and assigning it to someone?


Thank you so much for providing this additional info @Hans_Rippel, I’l make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have some updates on my end!


I could give many more example if it is helpful for you guys. One such would be, to active a Shortcut that starts Otter (a meeting transcription app), copies the transcribed meeting into a new task in Asana and places it into the selected Meeting Notes project.


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Hans, I totally agree with you that comprehensive Siri shortcuts integration should be at the top of Asana’s development to do list.

One thing to note though, is that you can already jump directly to a project using Siri shortcuts. Do you do that, you just use a workflow that opens the URL of the project you want to go to. When you open it through Shortcuts, is the project will automatically open in the Asana app.

Hope that helps a bit.


I’m all in on Siri shortcuts and would love a workflow there. This would be amazing for testing on iOS for web development. Screenshot and create a bug report from a share sheet straight in to Asana. Or being able to mark a specific repeating monthly task from a Siri voice command. The possibilities are endless we just have the ability to tap in to it


Thanks for your feedback @Mohamed_Hamad and for providing us with feedback on how useful these Siri shortcut could be useful to you; this is super important to help us make decisions for future improvements!