Intuitive typing for due dates and task assignee

It would be really great if Asana incorporate intuitive typing to assign tasks and due dates when entering a new task.

This is one of my favorite features in the app I use for my personal life (ToDoist) and makes entering one-off tasks much easier. For example, in ToDoist I type something like “Go pick up parcels at UPS Tue at 8am @travis #errands” and it automatically creates a task “Go pick up parcels at UPS”, sets a Tuesday due date, sets a reminder for 8am, assigns it to myself and adds it to the errands project.

Understanding not all the component of a task can be entered short-hand like the above, but not having to leave my keyboard and just being able to type a running sentence to create tasks, due dates and assignees is a much more seamless experience.

I’d add that the projects available appear the moment you type “#”, and the results start to filter once you start typing. So in practice, typing “#e” + enter on my keyboard selects the errands project .

Hi @Travis_Weare,

Not to negate this good request, but FYI you might want to check out the Hashtag Automation feature in our Flowsana integration which provides a lot of this functionality.

Welcome, @Travis_Weare,

Also not negating the request, but consider Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator):

Without your hands leaving the keyboard, you can set dates (with shorthand and natural language), set a My Tasks section, and set one of ten frequently used projects.