Announcing: New fast and flexible ways to set start/due dates/times, My Tasks sections, multi-home, configurable shortcuts for all [Asana2Go]

Asana2Go Update Dates/Triage Dialog

Fast and flexible natural language setting of Start dates and times, Due dates and times, My Tasks Sections, and multi-homing, with configurable shortcuts.

Asana2Go (free for most private and commercial use, and now with over 10k installations and a 5-star rating) is not just for reporting! Set a Due date in four keystrokes. Quickly use customizable keyboard shortcuts (or the mouse if you prefer) to set Start/Due dates (and optional times) using natural language, and triage at the same time to My Tasks sections and even another project (multi-home).

Select one or more Tasks or Subtasks as you normally do for Asana2Go usage (in Project, My Tasks, Search Results list views or Task Detail pane for Subtasks), then use shortcut key Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+E) to open the Update Dates/Triage dialog to set dates, times, My Tasks sections and multi-home all at once.

To try Asana2Go, if you’ve not done so already, install Asana2Go in 15 seconds by going to and clicking Get Asana2Go, then refresh your Asana app page. (You can also see a one-minute screencast demonstrating installing Asana2Go in the second video below.)

Everything you need to know is in these two videos (and if you want to you can even skip the second one but I hope you won’t so you’ll get the full value of the feature):

Video 1: Asana2Go Update Dates/Triage Dialog
This first video explains how to use the new features:

Video 2: Asana2Go Installation and Configuration of Update Dates/Triage Dialog
This second video starts with a one-minute screencast demonstrating installing Asana2Go from scratch, then goes on to explain configuring the advanced new features:

You can also see the Asana2Go help page for instructions. Open Asana2Go, click Help in the main window, then read the “Update Dates/Triage Dialog” section.

Here are some quick screenshots of the new features in action:




PS Thanks to all the beta testers for their help and especially @Paul_Grobler.


Looks awesome Larry…


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Great additions, @lpb! :clap:

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Most excellent, @lpb :raised_hands:

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Fantastic work @lpb :clap:t3:

I’m moving and pinning this thread to the #integrations category as it relates more to your integration than a Forum Leader Tip :slight_smile:


This is a very practical integration!

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This looks lovely. I wish it worked with the Asana desktop app.