Add an option to ALWAYS have the start date field turned on

I get there is a way to turn on the start date and end date feature, but if you have a bazillion tasks… this is a ton of clicking. It should be easy enough to opt for start dates to always be entered without clicking something to open that feature or field. Am I missing a way to do this?

One trick is to multi-select a bunch of tasks, choose a start date -> then when you start editing each one, the field will be shown.

The same trick works well for the following: you want to schedule tasks for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in January 2030. If you do them one by one, you’ll have to reach 2030 every time, very cumbersome. But if you multi-select them, choose January 1st 2030 for all, then when you edit the second-third one, the calendar is already positioned on January 2030 and you just need to click the next day.

Am I clear? :thinking:

Yes that makes sense! Helpful to know. I’ll pass it along to my team.

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