Showing Tasks - email, notification and personal tasks

Hello, I would like to ask how to make a notification to a team, where they will see what kind of Task it is. Notification will come with info about Project (1) and Subtask (3), but the most important info is missing (2.)…and it is missing everywhere - email notification, Inbox, My tasks etc.

The only solution so far is repeating the Name of the task + subtask (4.), which is for Task-maker annoying and not effective. but only then it is fast for the team to get a quick orientation. Could you help me out please, thanks



I am not sure I understand, especially the “how to make a notification to a team” part. Do you want to notify about a task existing? A change on a task?

Let me guess, is it like this?

On the left, Asana only display 1 level of Subtask.

On the right panel, you can the largest with bold task name is actually a subtask of smaller text above it, which is a subtask of the text above, and so on until you see Project 1 where the task reside.

Here’s another example.

Hello, thanks for your answers!

think is, to see everything without opening right panel (if graphic designer has many tasks, it is better to see everything in left panel already)

I made new pictures, so it is more understandable

For example in the email. Team can not see “10th anniversary”, but see subtask “Logo and banners…” only…but then graphic designer will see this type of task all the time, but not where it belongs (projects doesn¨t change that much)

the thing is, that they cannot see all tasks together and where each of them belong (anywhere no inbox, calendar, Task lists), without opening each subtask, which is time consuming

hope this was more understandable :slight_smile: