Notifications in Inbox - Choose to not receive for subtask creations

I’m starting to really try and utilise the inbox more. And so far noticing a big difference in the collaboration I’m having. However, one pain point I’ve noticed is that I get a notification for every task and sub task. I monitor a few projects just as an approver and manager and so I like to see what my team is adding to our workload so I can have a good birds eye view of everything. But I don’t want to see all of the sub tasks.

My team supports 22 different languages. So usually when a task is created we have it so that it has 22 sub tasks to help track completion across all the languages and sites we support. And this isn’t something I need to see in my inbox.

I’d love to see the option to not receive notifications for sub tasks being created.


I wonder if there’s a misunderstanding here because generally Asana doesn’t send notifications for subtasks unless you are the assignee of the subtask, which I gather is not the case.

Sometimes a “trick” of making a subtask also be a top-level task in the parent task’s project (through multi-homing–add to project) is employed to work around some other issues. If that’s the case, and if you’re receiving notifications for new tasks added to the project (as a project member) then you would see notifications for such combined subtasks/top-level tasks.

There are other reasons for getting a notification besides the above too. You can double check the many ways notifications are generated in How to use Asana, Asana tutorials, onboarding tips, and team use cases | Product guide • Asana Product Guide if that helps determine why you are getting the notification.

Regardless, it’s hard to imagine Asana changing the fundamentals of such notifications.

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I’m not assigned to the sub tasks. But I am getting notifications in my inbox for eah sub task that is created for the projects that I own.

I’m only wanting to see the new tasks that my team creates in those projects, not necessarily every single sub task. Like I said one task will end up sending me 23 separate notifications. I don’t need to see all the little bits of work associated with the main task, just the main information that is in the parent task.

Hope that makes sense

@lpb nevermind. I did some digging and it seems like the project is automatically adding me as a collaborator for all tasks and subtasks. So that seems to be triggering it. Just need to figure out adjusting that without making it so I don’t get notified for subtasks but still get notified when a parent task is added.

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