Subtasks now showing up Inbox - how to stop?

Is there a way to stop sub-tasks showing up in my Inbox?

We use Flowsana to automatically create a whole list of sub-tasks for each new task. That way we can be sure everything is ticked off each time. However, I’ve noticed that lately all the subtasks are appearing in my Inbox. This is quite a flood as each task has around 15 subtasks.

Was this a recent change? Can we please turn it off?


Are you a collaborator or assignee on those subtasks? Or were the subtasks also added as parent tasks to a project for which you have specified the project notification “Tasks added” setting to be checked on?

Those are the most common conditions that generate notifications that appear in your Asana Inbox.

I’m not aware of any underlying changes in notifications recently.

Hope that helps,


Hi Larry

Yes, I have notifications on for any new tasks added to this project. So I’ve always gotten new task notifications, just not for sub-tasks.

And yes, I notice now that I am being added as a collaborator to these subtasks. I’m not sure why this is as I haven’t changed anything.

Looking back through my Asana Inbox, I can see that the first subtask appeared 15 days ago (Jul 27).

Maybe I’ll have to ask Flowsana if they changed anything?

PS - I had a look at the subtasks of the template task that was being copied each time with Flowsana. I was listed as a collaborator on some of these subtasks, and these were the tasks I was getting inbox notifications for. I’ve removed those now and hopefully that will fix it.

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