Project title in subtask notification

Is there a way to get the Project Name to appear in the Notification Email’s for subtasks? I received an email notification that a subtask was assigned to me and it told me what the subtask was named and i can see comments on that subtask and activity in the email, but i dont see the actual project name anywhere in the email. So unless i click on the subtask and log into Asana i dont know which project the email is in regards to.

Hey @Trisha_King

I think I can see the issue here. Subtasks don’t automatically inherit the properties of the project that they’re a part of, just yet. You’ll need to manually add the subtasks to your Project. Once you do so, after that point then project info should appear. Our team is currently working on improving this and making it more intuitive, though the above workaround should work until then!

Additional information is available at the following link to our guide:

Hope this helps!

Thank you Michael. It looks like we did have the subtask linked to the project and it assigned to someone, but the missing piece was a due date. Once we filled that in and created an action on that subtask, the notification email then had the project name listed in the subject line.