Email Notification Help - Project doesn't display in email notification

How do you get the project to display on email notifications about tasks assigned to you? The email notification only shows the task name but not the project it’s a part of.

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is the task maybe a subtask?
Because subtasks are not considered as part of projects directly.

Because for main tasks the projects should always show (assuming the task is added to a project)

I’m having this same issue of needing the project name to appear in all emails related to a specific project. Shy of adding the project name to every subtask (that would take hours to set up every project) or turning every subtask into its own task (that would make for super messy project management), is there an automated workaround at set-up that I can do so the project name appears in the subject line of every email? The powers that be are growing weary of not having at-a-glance project name email notifications. I’ve read the answer that sub tasks aren’t considered as part of a project, which explains how the programming works, but that doesn’t fix my quandary. Thanks!

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Task, subtask: stupid asana lingo. The notification SHOULD show the project name (with its hyperlink). Can you please program this? I can do it for you in 4 hours for just 100$/hour, plus royalties on all the satisfaction it will give users (1 cent per smile).

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And, incidentally, I have the same issue with a task associated to a project (not a subtask).
If you claim it “should” work already as you say, it means 1) you haven’t check 2) if you did, do not write “Should” but show a screenshot.

Here you go:

Email notification about a task assigned: the full project name shows

Email notification about a subtask assigned: the full project name shows

And I also checked other scenarios such as a comment added to a task and it shows the project as well: the full project name shows

Daily Summary Email:

Project is showing as well, slightly cut off though indeed

I did test this with a few team members and it was fine for all (note: we use Gmail)

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Can we send emailed task reminders to memebrs in our organization that does not require them to create an account? We only need certain people to have access to Asana, while other people just need reminders/notifications. I think the plan we are currently using limits the amount of people we invite outside of our domain.

Just wondering if there’s been any update on this topic of project name not appearing in all emails, or does ASANA not plan to update this “feature.” Please advise.

I am having the same problem and my company uses only Microsoft Outlook. The Daily Summary emails are useless without a project name since almost every project I have has the same tasks (adding and editing programs in a clearinghouse website).

Outlook 365 to be exact