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I am using the My Tasks Board to organize my own work. I have a “Do Today” column, where what I want to do today sits.

My individual Tasks may or may not be related to a Project, but they will still show up on the My Tasks board.

My tasks are broken down into smaller sub-tasks in order for me to manage the smallest increment of work on a Task I can do in a day. I’d like those sub-tasks to show up on the My Task board, but still be related to their parent Task.

The suggested workaround for showing subtasks on a Board is not feasible. The suggested workaround is to associate a Project to a subtask. The “My Task” board IS NOT a Project, so even if I associate a Project with the Sub-task, it will NOT show up on the My Task board.

Current possible workaround which is VERY PAINFUL:

  • In List view, drag the subtask to a list section, such as “Do Today”.
    ** (Note, this will convert the subtask to a Task)
  • The former subtask (now a task) shows up in the Board.
  • Open the Details View of the former subtask. Go to the … and select “Convert To” → “Subtask”
  • Re-assign to the original Task

It now shows up on the board; as well as in the list view; and is also still related to the Task.

Ideal case: either from the subtask Details somehow with one click have it show up in a My Task board column I want or with simple drag and drop from the My Task Board drag the sub-task into the appropriate column.

Thanks for any consideration.

Doh! I have figured this out as I kept playing with Asana.
If I assign a sub-task to myself, it shows up on the My Tasks Board.
This can be closed, thank you.


Welcome, @Chris_Shorb,

I was about to reply but you beat me to it! I marked yours as the solution; well done!

After assigning the subtask to yourself, if you’re looking at the task detail pane you’ll see the section mover dropdown allowing you to choose the section/column within My Tasks easily (as an alternative to drag and drop).


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