'my tasks' list does not show projects associated to subtask

In ‘my tasks’ it does not show the project associated with the subtask.

As subtasks show independently of the main task in my ‘due today’ I can’t sort them by project unless I click on them to find out what project they belong to.

If I then assign them to their project, they show up double in the project. (obviously, because they are already assigned within a project)

If I try to delete the double from the project, it deletes the subtask completely.

Why is it only showing the associated project on tasks and not subtasks?

Hey @Ela_Gold, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

This might answer your question:

When a Subtask is associated to a Project , it will automatically appear in that project’s task list.

You might be interested voting for Allow to automatically add subtasks to project

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Hi @Ela_Gold, adding to what @Andrea_Mayer mentioned, please note this is currently working as expected. Subtasks don’t inherit the parent project so you would too manually add the subtask to the project: Subtask & Project Association

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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