Show project on subtask in 'My tasks' view

@anon62644676 Thanks for your ‘steps’ on what I thought would create a report that would result in being able to see which subtasks belong to what projects. But it didnt work for me and wondered if this still works for you or if I did something wrong?
I: Advanced Search on Person, selected Incomplete Tasks, then ANY subtasks.
Hit Search
Got some results – in the report view the Projects are not listed. I tried every combination:

  1. Assigning subtask by person with due date then without due date. (the latter wouldnt work any way with multiple people/subtasks under 1 parent)
  2. Assigning/adding person with due date to parent task.
    Am I doing something wrong?
    I have a mutiny going on here and if I could just generate a report …

A workaround I found, which does take more time, is a project tag for all tasks and subtasks. You can do this as a batch by 1. expanding subtasks, 2. selecting everything, and then 3. adding the tag. Then, 4. show the tag field in your My tasks. I hide the project field with this system.

I only noticed this issue today. Someone tagged me on a Subtask and I’m like “what’s this about?!”.
I could not find the project the task was on… I had to ask who tagged me to show the project. This is really weird and I can’t believe this post is from 2017.
There must be other priorities within Asana, I suppose… still, this seems to be really basic as the task belong to a specific project.

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Just trying out Asana. The fact that you can’t tell what Project subtasks related to makes the system useless for us. We have no way of knowing what any of the subtasks are related to, strange this is even an issue, especially after this long!

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The workaround is don’t use subtasks… seriously?

I’m here to advocate for this same update!! The added confusion and complication that this adds to our daily workload is significant. You should be able to view which subtasks are associated with each project in “My View” without those subtasks showing up on the main project page when you link them. It would be as simple as a “hide subtasks” setting, or “only show tasks” setting on the main project list page.

Our team works for 20 different clients (each it’s own project, with a standardized project flow) so we frequently have the same standardized subtasks across hundreds of tasks. Unless we uniquely label each individual subtask to reflect the project and task it refers to, there is no way to view the project without having to click through to the full subtask pane. Please resolve this, Asana!


Im rather surprised that this has been an ongoing request since 2017 with out significant traction its seems. The inability to section “My tasks” on a project level make Asana rather difficult to use for personal Project Management and sub task need to inherit the project in some way PLEASE

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I’m in the process of reviewing project management platforms to make a recommendation on team wide adoption. This issue is so frustrating, that it’s making it hard to recommend Asana.

I get that there are some people who might not want subtasks to be linked to projects but it at least needs to be an optional behavior.


This was quite embarrassing to try explain and understand myself when colleagues started asking me why they can’t see what the project is that they are being asked to contribute to from my tasks. This is a basic daily use case that should be solved in 2017.


Would be great if the project a subtask is a part of appeared under the Projects header in My Tasks. I know you can open the details and see the hierarchical nesting of the subtask within the parent task within the project, but it seems like a miss that subtasks within our personal task lists appear to be floating around without a home.

Hi @Ericka_Paz,

FYI I merged your post with an existing thread on this subject. You can add your vote for it using the purple VOTE button at the top of the thread!

The lack of this feature makes it quite difficult to navigate the “My tasks” view. A lot of our workflow involves using Asana as a system for managing different types of stakeholders (donors, candidates, partners etc.) across multiple stakeholder engagement projects, and we use the stakeholder as the parent task and specific action items associated with them as a sub-task. This missing feature makes it impossible to group, sort, or filter “My tasks” by the project that I want to focus on today - I have to look through them one by one and remember which one’s which.

+1 to this. It makes My Tasks significantly less useful

This is still an issue. Any plans to update?

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