Show project on subtask in 'My tasks' view

+1 to this entire thread. Subtasks are great, but without inheriting projects the “My Tasks” view is much, much less useful. Pretty basic functionality that I’m rather shocked Asana hasn’t implemented in the 4+ years it has been requested, but alas. Thank you @carol_sun for the useful workaround though!

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Assigned subtasks viewed in “My Tasks” do not list the project they are associated with. When manually adding the project to the subtask from “My Task” view, the tasks are then duplicated. Is this something that can be amended?

This is a longstanding (~5 years) and deeply embedded issue that pretty much every known user has complained about, as it is so contrary to our expectations. Yes, it could be amended, maybe one day it will be.


I usualmy advice my customers to create a “subtask” section at the bottom of the project to store all the “duplicated” subtasks, and you close it so that you dont see them.

I agree subtasks’ behavior is very confusing :confused:
I hope the above trick will help you.

It’s a joke, that this feature doesnt exist. My tasks are merely tasks but more represent Candidates I’m working with. Below every person I have several subtasks to really navigate. But should I remember now every single one of the hundreds of candidates I’m working with, to understand for which project a task is?!

This would be absolutely crucial. Subtasks and the MyTasks list are essential and the fact that one cannot see the project id for subtasks in the MyTasks list makes it practically usable. Clicking into every task is not a solution and the same goes for (additionally) assigning all subtasks to the project, for the know reasons.
I understand this is not a bug but a feature request. But honestly, it should not be that complicated. So PLEASE add this feature!


Here to +1 this request! Hate to have to hack our system in order to have our teams be able to use the tool effectively. Every training begins with working from your My Tasks, but the inability to have the Project context for subtasks in My Tasks creates tons of friction and inefficiencies in day-to-day use. Is there anywhere else we should be engaging to have this request moved up the roadmap?

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Here to +1 this request! I can’t believe it hasn’t been incorporated after all this time - seems to be counterintuitive to not-inherit the project /task details on a subtask, and not be able to track in workload… makes subtasks irrelevant/unhelpful but they’re needed for repeated processes using Task Templates