Show just latest 3 or 4 messages of a notified task

Hello there! Thanks for making a great product that keeps improving.

We have been using Asana for around 4 years and lately our team upgraded to Asana Premium and are enjoying some of the new features. However there is something that keeps bugging me and makes Asana a pita to use.

It is notifications. Both Desktop and Mobile. Whenever a new update occurs in a task where I’m a collaborator, The WHOLE conversation pops up and makes things super cumbersome on tasks that might have much activity i.e. comments.

It would be SUPER nice to have the notification display only the latest 3/messages and allow the user to display the whole conversation if needed, but not by default.

It would be very similar to the way comments are displayed when clicking on a task.

I hope to have made myself clear, but I would gladly clarify any question the dev team could have. I don’t think it would mean such a great development effort but would make notifications much more meaningful in busy teams.

Thank you!

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