Just wanted to know if this feature is available or is there a work around?

Hi there,

I’m really loving Asana community since I’ve found a lot of my concerns by simply browsing the site. However, I still haven’t found any threads that addresses this question of mine so I decided to open a thread.

We previously used basecamp, and on it was a feature where there’s an on-app notification which prompts us to type in all the things we did for the day. (not per project, more like listing of tasks that we’ve worked on and on a a general side of things)

i’m wondering if Asana has that too? I am delighted to say that I have received an email from asana which is asking me to provide an update. I only have the following concerns:

  1. Is it only for emails? Is there a way for it to show on our inbox notification?
  2. It redirects me to my task list. What I was hoping for was a text box which I could just simply list down things.

For workarounds I’m thinking of creating this as a task and then setting it to repeat daily. utilizing conversations section to list the things that we’ve worked on.

Hi @Lisa_Genovese! I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying the Asana community and it’s been helpful to you.

I would suggest this exactly! I recommend that you create a daily recurring task. Depending on the collaborators, you could put the update directly in the task.

Alternatively, the dailyrecurring task could be a daily reminder for you to write a status update. A daily status update in a project could get pretty noisy, so you might want to consider project members and/or member notification settings.

Let us know if you have any questions.