Reminders for repeating tasks in Inbox


I have several repeating tasks created in Asana. Lately I have started to get reminders for these in Inbox. This never used to happen before, so perhaps this is based on a recent change. Is it possible to stop these reminders from showing up in Inbox. These are created by me, assigned to me with no other collaborators. Thanks


This is an A/B test Asana is running for some users. At the end of the test it will be evaluated, including consideration of whether to offer the ability to disable the feature, if adopted, which is not possible to do during the test I’m afraid.



Thanks, this makes sense. I hope as Asana implements this as a final feature, they make it configurable, since it is annoying to keep archiving these reminders in inbox especially for solo users like me who do not expect any items to show up in Inbox

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