Ability to set inbox messages to a snippet?

I have tasks that are ongoing and therefore have a lot of discussion/comments on them. Each time someone comments I get a notification to the inbox, which is great, but it shows the entire length of the conversation back to when the task was first created in the inbox. This makes it very difficult and long to scroll through my inbox to make sure I don’t miss anything. Is there a way to only display the snippet of a task in my inbox without the entire conversation?

Welcome to the Forum @Alexa_Mikaelian and thank you for reaching out!

It is currently not possible to set the Inbox to only display the snippet of a task but sounds like a good idea for future improvements! I’m moving this thread to the #productfeedback category to allow other users to vote for this feature request! I hope it’s OK. Please don’t forget to click the vote button by the post title to have your vote count.

Please note that I’ve slightly edited the title to make it more discoverable :slight_smile:

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@Natalia Maybe you could display the tasks in the inbox the same way as n the task details, showing only the last three comments? This will facilitate the inbox review, and the full list of comments can be checked in the task details. That would be the right solution for me :slightly_smiling_face: